My story matters

Your story does matter, it is a gift from God to share with others. Take a few minutes to read these stories, and if you have a story to share there is a link at the bottom of the page.



Jackie's Story

Through the weeks and months since our first Sunday, my new church family has shown me great love, great support, and great friendship in the darkest days of my life. FFC Lakeland was a soft place to land for me. God did that. He knew what I would need long before I did.”

Lakeland Hills



Heidi's Story

I have always been a part of a church since I was a little girl but I never volunteered until September 2017. I have always wanted to and it has always laid heavy on my heart to serve however, I never thought I was good enough, I did not think I was ‘Christian’ enough. Finally, I just said yes and I asked to volunteer in the coffee shop.




Trevor and Jennifer's Story

We have benefited greatly from the financial literacy ministry. The information provided in the class has taught us how to better plan and budget for the future.

Trevor and Jennifer



Do you have a story to share? Your story does matter!  Just as the women at the well ran back to town to tell everyone what Jesus had done for her, you to can share your story.  (see John 4)