Connect and Grow Fall 2019

Connect and Grow Groups are small groups that meet beyond the weekend service to do life with others.
Connect Groups are for everyone, no matter what season of life you are in.

Nobody wants to live a life that is boring, empty or feels alone.  Sadly, many people live this way hoping and praying it will change... and it never does.  Why?  Life is not something we leave to chance, life is a choice.

We encourage you to make FFC more than a place you attend... choose to Make It Home!  Join a Connect  and Grow Group!

For Fall 2019 we will be doing a church wide study on the Robert Morris book: Beyond Blessed. In the book Beyond Blessed we will learn the importance of being a good steward and what that means for every area of our life. Imagine for a minute if you stewarded your time, health, relationships and finances God’s way for 90 days.  What would your life look like at the end of it?  Is it worth going after? We think so. Let’s spend the next eight weeks together and end our year with a focus on stewardship and being wholehearted in every area of our life. Free book when you enroll, limited supply.

Open enrollment for Fall Connect and Grow is going on now. Groups start October 6, 2019

 Check out the groups available this fall and then follow the link below to join a group.